Supporting cushion





The inflatable supporting cushion provides a soft, comfortable support and makes precious moments at the dining table a little more comfortable. Made of harmless and durable plastic that’s easy to wipe dry.

When your child has just learned to sit up, those first moments eating can be a little unsteady. So it feels good to have a soft supporting cushion that stabilises them so those moments are safe and comfortable for both of you.
Practical and easy to clean since you can wipe off the plastic with a damp cloth.
Easy to bring with you since the cushion becomes as small as a paperback book when you squeeze out the air and fold it up.
The soft, smooth surface is durable and contains no substances, phthalates or chemicals that can harm your baby’s skin or health. A safe choice for your child – and for the environment.
May be completed with ANTILOP cover ― this helps the support cushion last for longer.
Cover is sold separately.


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